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Pig Party to Replace Social Nightclub on Capitol Hill

Don't be alarmed, but a giant Chinese restaurant is moving to Capitol Hill.

According to CHS, knife-wielder Steve Cheng will be taking over the 8,000-square-foot The Social nightclub on E. Olive Way with his new concept, Zhu Dang ("Pig Party," loosely translated), in late summer.

Cheng sees a need for Chinese food on the Hill, and hopes to update it with a "Northwest vibe." While food will "focus on flavor above tradition," it will still stick to "the Chinese palate." Drink-wise, he's hoping for cocktails on tap that you can drink while listening to hip-hoppish music.

The plan is to beef up the kitchen space and use it as a combo restaurant and 100-person event space for party times. Other planned changes involve overhauling the deck in favor of an outdoor area that will be "more connected with the streetscape" and less prone to occupation by "campers and junkies."
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[Photo: S. Pratt]

Zhu Dang

1715 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98103