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Changes Ahead for Dot's & Seattle Mag's Allison Scheff

[Photo: Dot's / Facebook]

A double-whammy of announcements from Seattle Magazine's food and dining editor, Allison Austin Scheff.

First, some intel on an upcoming Dot's Delicatessen renovation. Owner Miles James will shut the place for a week or so later this month and reopen in early February-ish with double the current seating capacity. The plan is to offer a dinner that "will be French bistro inspired food and service," says James.

Anna Wallace (Walrus & the Carpenter, Seattle Seltzer Co.) will also be joining the team as Dot's new front of house manager.

But that's not all!

Scheff reveals that after six years, she has left her post at the magazine "to pursue some personal projects I've been excited about for some time, and to write freelance. You'll continue to see my byline here at the magazine for as long as they'll have me, and hopefully elsewhere as well."

Her replacement will be announced sometime this month.
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