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Celebrating Lunar New Year, Ethan Stowell Poll & More!

SEATTLESeattle Met's got you covered on where to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Jan. 31. Monsoon (both locations) will be celebrating with a selection of traditional dishes, all $12, in addition to the regular menu. The Triple Door and the I.D.'s Lunar New Year Festival are other options. Beware, this will also be the evening that many Asian restaurants (i.e. Din Tai Fung) will be busy with families celebrating with a big meal, so plan accordingly. [Seattle Met]

CAPITOL HILLCHS has an extensive list of 24 Capitol Hill bars and restaurants to look forward to in 2014. The lengthy roster includes Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's massive restaurant(s), Nacho Borracho, Big Fun and (just maybe) Dinette. [CHS]

SEATTLE— The poll is still open over at The Seattle Times, where they're asking readers to vote on their favorite Ethan Stowell restaurant. Currently, How to Cook a Wolf is edging out Staple & Fancy by just a few votes. [Seattle Times]

Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi [Photo: Revel/Facebook]