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Opening Report: Roaring Bowl, Pono Ranch Now Serving

QUEEN ANNEQueen Anne View has word that a new shabu shabu spot called Roaring Bowl quietly opened last night (516 1st Ave. N.). The place specializes in shabu shabu (thinly-sliced beef boiled in water), but also has two additional dining concepts: Gamjatang and Robota Grill. Roaring Bowl is open daily for both lunch and dinner. [QAV]

BALLARDPono Ranch, located under the Ballard Bridge on Shilshole, has softly opened in the form of a drive-through and walk-up window. Ballard News Tribune reports the restaurant will open for brunch starting Feb. 10, and will also open for Super Bowl. When the place officially opens this spring, diners can expect steak, fish tacos, chicken, hand-made burgers and the ubiquitous Hawaiian favorite, poky. Currently, their to-go menu includes in-house made biscuit sandwiches, burritos, quiche, croissants and several gluten-free items. [BNT]

[Photo: Pono Ranch / Facebook]