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Win a Bourbon-Filled Getaway to Louisville, KY

The common cold, devastating breakups, a day without lunch…whiskey is known to cure just about anything. Imagine what it can do when you aren't even suffering! You won't have to imagine if you win our getaway to the 2014 Bourbon Classic. You and a very lucky friend will receive:

• Tickets to the Bourbon Classic, January 31-February 1, 2014
• Airfare to Louisville, KY
• Hotel accommodations
• Take-home tasting glasses
• Two-year subscription to The Bourbon Review magazine

So you'll finally know when to call it whiskey, bourbon, rye or just that brown stuff in the bottle that hurts so good when it goes down. And if the day's-worth-of-whiskey doesn't fill your glass with happiness, go back for seconds (or thirds) at an after party, held both days.

Your taste buds will thank you. Enter now. >>