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WA's Most Remote Bar, Half-Price Bloody Marys, & More!

BELLTOWN— Kick off game day with a discount! Local 360 is offering half-price Bloody Marys on Saturday from 9 am to noon. [Eaterwire]

BELLEVUE— On Friday, Jan. 24, Cast Iron Studios is hosting a seven-course "Italian Spirits Dinner." Cost is $90 and includes tax and tip. Dinner starts at 7 pm. Check out the menu online. Seating is very limited. For reservations: (206) 838-3853 or [EaterWire]]

MIDDLE OF NOWHERESeattle Weekly has the goods on Washington state's most remote ("and arguably the best") bar called the Brooklyn Tavern (located in Cosmopolis, WA, says Google), which became popular among loggers back in the late 1920s. "But the best thing—the absolute icing on the cake—is not something the Brooklyn Tavern has. Rather, it's what it lacks: TV, wi-fi, and cell-phone reception. No one is Instagramming, checking in on Facebook, or texting friends." If not a visit, do give it a read. [Seattle Weekly]

[Photo: Cast Iron Studios]