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Pie Bar Is Bringing Pie and Booze to Ballard

The new location features a bigger kitchen that can bake a pie a minute.

Pie Bar/Facebook

After launching a Capitol Hill location in May of 2013, identical twin sisters Alyssa Lewis and Natalie Delucchi are expanding their dessert and cocktail concept Pie Bar to Ballard. The sisters are moving into the historic Bagdad Theater most recently occupied by Great Harvest Bread Company.

Likening their working relationship to an 80s sitcom, the sisters split up the responsibilities of running a business--Alyssa calls herself the "grumpy baker," Natalie the sous chef. Apparently Penn & Teller are fans, along with a lot of Capitol Hill.

Lewis tells Eater that the new space will be "a larger clone" of Pie Bar Capitol Hill with a much larger kitchen. "My carousel pie oven in Ballard is as big as my entire kitchen in Capitol Hill. Right now, I am making 70 pies a day on a busy night in Capitol Hill's tiny little space." Pie Bar will bake for both locations in Ballard, allowing for up to 90 pies, including Deserted Island and Razzle Blue, to bake in 90 minutes.

Look for doors to open between Christmas and the first of the year.

Pie Bar, 2218 NW Market St., Ballard, website