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Holy Crap: First Beers from Holy Mountain Brewing Out for Sale

Meet Seattle's newest brewery.

The Holy Mountain Brewing crew.
The Holy Mountain Brewing crew.
Holy Mountain Brewing [Facebook]

Seattle's beer nerds have something to celebrate this month, as beer from the city's newest brewery hits taps around the city. Holy Mountain Brewery is already generating lots of buzz for its off-beat brews -- the kind of beer most breweries produce only as limited releases among more traditional porters and IPAs. (The Facebook page for their release party at Pine Box calls it "the most Highly Anticipated new Seattle Brewery Opening of the year.")

They're dispensing with the concept of a flagship beer, instead choosing to brew beer "drawing inspiration from both yeast-driven continental beers as well as hop-forward West Coast ales." Holy Mountain will include barrel-fermented beers for a "prominent barrel-aging program."

Holy Mountain Brewery is a project of award-winning home brewers Colin Lenfesty (head brewer) and Adam Paysse (president), along with Mike Murphy (Vice President of Sales).

"We saw all these other breweries popping up, but we were really intent on having everything dialed in, so we just tried to stay patient," said Paysse. "Once we decided to do Holy Mountain we spent the better part of two years running trial batches with saison and brett strains and dialing in our water chemistry, all while writing and rewriting a business plan."

Holy Mountain's current line up includes The Seer, "a hoppy farmhouse ale;" The Goat, "a rustic barrel-fermented farmhouse ale;" King's Head, "a double brown ale brewed with generous portion of oats;" and "an aromatic fresh hop American Pale Ale hopped entirely with the new Equinox varietal, harvested on the autumnal equinox and used to brew the same day."

The Holy Mountain guys are building out their brewery at 1421 Elliott Ave W in Interbay, and they hope to open later this year. The space will have a 60-seat taproom that opens onto the train tracks and Pier 90. Holy Mountain is celebrating with an official release party tomorrow at The Pine Box at 6 p.m.