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Bannister Opens Next Week in the Central District

First dibs at "gastronomic goodness and luscious libations."

Bannister is opening next to Tougo Coffee.
Bannister is opening next to Tougo Coffee.

Bannister, the upcoming Central District restaurant from Tougo Coffee's Brian Wells, is inching closer to opening day. The wine, charcuterie, and oyster bar's kitchen is headed up by Rebecca Cooley and Kathryn Padberg, with the drink program from Miller's Guild Managing Partner and Wine Director Jake Koseff. Wells, a coffee vet, told Eater why he's opening shop in a recent interview:

I love charcuterie, I love cheese, Spanish olives, and that type of cuisine. I also enjoy the communal experience that comes with food. Eating together is another way to express love and to build and appreciate our community. I also believe that eating with your hands shows a strong respect of food. It eliminates any barrier between you and what you are eating.

Bannister is taking reservations for an evening of "gastronomic goodness and luscious libations" at an October 24 soft opening. Seatings are scheduled for 8 and 9 p.m.

Bannister, 1408 18th Ave., Central District, website, (206) 860-3518