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Columbia City's New Flying Lion Brews Beer With Help From a Bike-Powered Grain Mill

Sweet Potato Porter and Red Rye Session are on tap.

Columbia City's new Flying Lion Brewing
Columbia City's new Flying Lion Brewing
Flying Lion/Facebook

Columbia City is about to welcome Flying Lion Brewing, a new brewery that bumps up against ice cream shop Full Tilt on Rainier Ave. WA Beer Blog reports that brewers use a bicycle-powered grain mill in the beer making process. First pours include Sweet Potato Porter, Rye Stout, Pale Ale, IPA, Belgian Strong, and Red Rye Session.

The owners, "four beer-loving brothers," began brewing root beer as kids; their food chemist father got them into making beer as adults. Flying Lion officially opens October 22.

Flying Lion Brewing, 5041 Rainier Ave S., Columbia City, website