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$26M Mercer Island Mansion; Pronto Cycle Share Debuts

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

MERCER ISLAND -- Once owned by former KIRO CEO Kenneth Hatch, the 15K sq. ft. Mercer mansion that just hit the market asking $26.8M is the 2nd most-expensive King County listing out there right now. Naturally it comes with a movie theater, tea room, tap room, massive wine cellar, sports pavilion with squash court and it's very own putting green. Curbed has photos over here.

HISTORY LESSONS -- Believe it or not, the I-5 wasn't just here when Seattle's first settlers arrived. Completed almost 60 years ago, Interstate 5 stitched Mexico to Canada with a thread of concrete 1,391 miles long; while also cutting Seattle in half. Get the whole story here.

BIKE SHARE -- Tuesday, Seattle witnessed the grand opening of its first-ever bike share program to the public, Pronto Cycle Share. 500 bikes in 50 stations are now open for use by the public in Downtown, South Lake Union, Belltown, Capitol Hill, the U-District, Eastlake, First Hill, Pioneer Square and the International District. Get all the details and pics right this way.