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Novilhos Is Bringing a Cornucopia of Meat to SLU

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Brace for skewered beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausage—and a huge salad bar.

The huge salad bar at Novilhos in Bellevue.
The huge salad bar at Novilhos in Bellevue.

Brazilian-style steakhouses have a spotty and confusing history in Seattle, with downtown meat dens like Fumaca giving it a go, then shuttering. Central Seattle's last standing rodizio contender is The Grill From Ipanema in Belltown (which moved from downtown and was originally called Ipanema Brazilian Grill.) At least until tomorrow, when Bellevue's Novihos Brazilian Steakhouse opens shop in South Lake Union.

Novilhos is launching in an 8,500-square-foot Vulcan-owned space at 901 Fairview Ave. N. Serving 17 cuts of meat from a cornucopia of proteins including beef, lamb, salmon, pork, chicken, and sausage, the restaurant also includes a salad bar with 60 accompaniments.

A press release reveals that servers "hail from Brazil" and spent half a year training in rodizio-style service:

They must first master the grill in a churrascaria kitchen; then they learn to wield their knives in the dining room. This authenticity carries on to Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse's food, where seasoned prime meat is cooked on an enormous, coal-stocked grill that holds 240 skewers. Outfitted in traditional gaucho boots and pantalones, the wait staff circulates through the dining room with skewered prime meat and knives at the ready.

Beginning tomorrow, Novilhos is open daily for dinner and T-SU for lunch.

Novilhos Brazilian SteakHouse

12405 SE 38th St, Bellevue, WA 98006 (425) 603-1111 Visit Website