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Tangletown's Eva Is Shuttering; Himalayan Sherpa House Is Moving In

A Nepalese restaurant is moving into the space near Green Lake


You have less than two weeks to eat at Eva, the venerable restaurant in Tangletown near Green Lake. The Seattle Times reports that the 14-year-old eatery will shutter on October 30. The space's lease is up in a year, and instead of renewing for five years co-owner James Hondros says he's closing shop and keeping the name in case he and chef/co-owner Amy McCray decide to reopen Eva in a new location down the road.

Eva will be replaced with Nepalese restaurant and bar Himalayan Sherpa HouseThe family-owned spot from Ang Sherpa may launch by November 10. Chef Jangbu Sherpa is leading the kitchen, and while his cooking skills are untested in Seattle we know that he is a badass, climbing Everest 10 times without oxygen.

Eva Restaurant

2227 N 56th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 206 633 3538