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Chef Kerry Sear of ART Restaurant Moving on to Fancy Travel Company

He'll be running the show on swanky private jets.

Chef Kerry Sear
Chef Kerry Sear
ART Restaurant [Facebook]

Four Seasons Hotel & ART Restaurant Executive Chef Kerry Sear has a new gig, reports The Seattle Times. After October 31, Sear will be stepping into a new role of executive chef and director of food and beverage at a fancy Seattle-based travel company called TCS Expeditions, which operates with a tagline of "Legendary expeditions by private jet."

Before Sear became ART's opening chef in 2008, he ran the show at the now-closed Cascadia restaurant in Belltown. Sear opened the restaurant to much fanfare in 1999 and was praised by Bon Appétit as "finally defining what Northwest cuisine should be" and by USA Today as one of the "six cutting-edge chefs from around the country." Chef Jelle Vandenbrouke will take over when Sear departs ART.