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An Altstadt Owner Is Opening Casco Antiguo in Pioneer Square

Something new to add to your "places to try in Pioneer Square" list.

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There's always room for more restaurants in Pioneer Square: Mexican eatery Casco Antiguo is headed for the space that most recently housed cheesesteakery Calozzi's on Occidental Ave. S. Over at Nosh Pit, Allecia Vermillion reports that the restaurant-meets-cantina is being planned by one of the owners of German bier hall Altstadt.

The new space, which could be open by November, will be split into two main ideas: a restaurant up front and a cantina in back. Former Saint chef and Mexico City native Rodolfo Riveron is leading the kitchen, which sits between the dining room and bar.

Casco Antiguo, 115 Occidental Ave S., Pioneer Square, Facebook