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Brunch Pop-Up at Zoe; Urbanspoon's Cheap Eats List

Today's dose of vital food news.

CAPITOL HILL -- Restaurant Zoe is taking the suggestions of its diners and launching a brunch pop-up. The first brunch will take place on October 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will feature items like the The Mad Scramble, with duck confit, marble potatoes, seasonal leafy greens, black garlic creme fraiche, and fruit mostarda. [Facebook]

ARBITRARY LISTICLES -- Five Seattle restaurants have landed on Urbanspoon's annual list of North America's Cheapest Eats. Local honorees are Paseo, Bakery Nouveau, Red Mill Burger, Salumi, and Honey Hole. [EaterWire]

'BUCKS WIRE -- A Texas man says he's visited 11,733 Starbucks stores, and he's not stopping any time soon. "Since 1997 I have been on a personal mission to drink coffee from every (company-operated) Starbucks in the world. My original motivation was simply to accomplish something singularly unique. However, since that time, I have discovered many joys in the traveling, the photography, and the puzzle-like challenge of my mission," he writes on his website. The kicker? He doesn't particularly dig Starbucks' coffee. [PSBJ]