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9th & Hennepin Is Bringing “Fresh Fried, Hot Doughnuts” to Capitol Hill

Late-night crullers, fritters, booze, and coffee are coming to Capitol Hill.

"Inspired by Tom Waits and New Orleans nightlife," a vet of the Seattle restaurant industry just announced plans to open doughnut bar 9th & Hennepin in Capitol Hill. After working as exec chef at Portage Bay Cafe and at the dearly departed Crave, Justin Newstrum is raising money for his first project, a late-night fried fritter shop.

Everything will be made by hand, with no "gimmicky" flavors like Cap'n Crunch; there will be a few spirits but not a full bar, and the place will be open in the evenings only, at least at first.

So where is it going to be located? Newstrum tells Eater that he's "in talks with a landlord about the space," but is "really opening...on a shoestring" and waiting to announce an address until he sees how the Kickstarter campaign pans out.

9th & Hennepin's Kickstarter launched today, with a goal of raising $16K by November 3.

9th and Hennepin

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