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Pioneer Square Scores the Uber-Healthy Sprout

A new, healthy lunch option opens in Pioneer Square


Serving greens piled with as many local/organic toppings "as seasonally possible," dressings without gluten and a lot of fat, and wraps stuffed with things like tofu and avocado, Sprout is now open in Pioneer Square. The menu also includes $7 cold-pressed Strawberry Moon Juice, or cheaper homemade lemonade. Plus, tart and chocolate frozen yogurt with toppings.

As has come to be expected in Seattle, everything food is served on or eaten with can be composted except boxes and bottles.

Hey Amazon, a South Lake Union Sprout is also in the works.

Sprout Salads: 512 2nd Ave., Pioneer Square, website, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. M-SA.