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Bellevue Restaurant Shut Down After Cockroaches Discovered in Food

King's Chinese Restaurant was closed by the King County Department of Health for a number of violations.

Kevin W./Yelp

The King County Department of Health shuttered King's Chinese Restaurant in Bellevue on Tuesday for various violations--including cockroaches found in food. KIRO reports that, while the DOH calls the roaches "a serious problem" there were other "more threatening violations" at the restaurant, including food stored at unsafe temperatures and improper cooling of "potentially hazardous food." King's has received temperature violations during the DOH's last 12 inspections.

The owner of the restaurant at 13200 NE 20th St. showed KIRO receipts from an exterminator dated October 7. She called in a different pest control company on October 17, right after she saw a cockroach in the space.

King's can reopen after all violations are corrected and permits are reissued.