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Dive Bar Pick: Sylvia's Little Red Hen in Green Lake

Find Seattle's lone honky-tonk surrounded by a swath of yuppiedom.

Peter H./Yelp

The Hen, ironically surrounded by the swath of yuppiedom that is Green Lake, is Seattle's only proper honky-tonk, and on karaoke nights reminds you that country music is the dominant force on American airwaves at the moment. The food is surprisingly good thanks to a polymorphous menu invented by the late, great Erwin Diaz (aka Erwin "Cookie" Bootsyball) and the whiskey is unsurprisingly poured stiff. If you don't know how to line dance, you will by the end of the night. —Mike Seely

Sylvia's Little Red Hen, 77169 Woodlawn Ave NE,