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Where Seattle Chefs Drink After the Kitchen Closes

When restaurants lock up for the night, many chefs retreat to seedier territory.

Wayne's World/Facebook

No matter how fine the china or plentiful the caviar, when restaurant kitchens close, many chefs retreat to seedier territory. A conspiratorially dark dive bar and an ice cold beer can be the perfect antidote after a long night of sweaty service. Here, six Seattle chefs share their favorite dive-y hideouts. —Rachel Belle

Jeff Davidson, executive chef, Burgundian
Wallingford's The Grizzled Wizard: "It's a chill atmosphere with good beer in an unpretentious setting. One of the bartenders is a huge prick (but in the best way: crass, yet morbidly funny.) That's my favorite kind of bartender. Heavy metal blaring and Big Buck Hunter in the back room." His beverage of choice? "I'm a man of simple pleasures. One of our great, local, seasonal beers and a shot of amaro or bourbon. If I'm really looking to get the party started I'll have 'The Boat Drink' which is some strange concoction of orange juice, rum and tres leches."

Becky Selengut, private chef/cookbook author
Georgetown's Marco Polo: "They have the nicest service in town, not just in a dive bar, and the best fried chicken ever." What does she drink? "Beer. Beer. Beer. Stick to the classics. PBR, baby."

Taichi Kitamura, chef/owner, Sushi Kappo Tamura
The I.D.'s Four Seas Restaurant, Dynasty Room: "The decor, the menu, and the people have been the same for a long, long time. It's like going on a time traveling trip to Seattle Chinatown in the 70s." Kitamura orders Stoli and soda with a side of garlic dry spare ribs.

montana 2

Photo: Montana/Facebook

Makini Howell, owner/chef, Plum Restaurants
Capitol Hill's Montana: "Great people watching, so much crap on the walls to look at, cool vibe...and it's right next door to the Malaysian street food place (Kedai Makan.) Bonus!" Howell orders Hendricks Gin and ginger ale.

Ericka Burke, owner/chef, Volunteer Park Cafe/Canal Market/Chop Shop Cafe & Bar
Skykomish's Whistling Post: "It's a great small town watering hole near my ski cabin that has the perfect mix of local characters and mountain goers to keep it entertaining!" Drink pick: A cold can of Rainier.

Jemil Aziz, owner/chef, Jemil's Big Easy
Burien's Wayne's World: "There are a lot of transients passing through. Young people hang there and old people live there." Aziz orders well vodka straight with a cheap beer chaser.