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What $5,000/mo. Can Get You; Look Back at Pike Place Market

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

Seattle Public Library

LUXURY RENTALS -- We keep hearing how rents are rising in Seattle, so let's take things to the logical conclusion. Let's find out what you can get for $5,000/month around town. Between a Denny Triangle penthouse and a Leschi waterfront home, the answer is...a lot.

ZIP CODES -- Esri has unveiled a web tool that lets you plug in any zip code and find out the dominant demographics in each neighborhood. West Seattle is where you'll find the Urban Chic while Pioneer Square is dominated by the Social Security Set. Find out what your neighborhood's semi-stereotypical demo is right over here.

PIKE PLACE -- The Seattle Public Library recently launched a new digital collection that provides public access to hundreds of old photos, letters and interesting artifacts from Pike Place Market history. Let's take a look back at when the public market really was the place for local Seattleites to get their produce and goods and not just the place we only visit when our in-laws are in town.