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Scarlet Tree Shutters in Roosevelt, to be Replaced With Wayward Vegan Cafe

Tofu scrambles by Christmas.

After almost five years, The Scarlet Tree has shuttered. First called Garski's Scarlet Tree, the restaurant and jazz/blues venue opened in 1964 and operated in a space on Roosevelt (near where Bengal Tiger now sits) before suffering a fire in 2005. Four years later, it reopened a few blocks away at 801 NE 65th St. Owner Pete Kolytiris also operated the now defunct Mona's Bistro on 64th and Latona.

New tenant Wayward Vegan Cafe is moving from its current location at 52nd and University Way to the Scarlet Tree space. An Indiegogo campaign is in the works, and if the schedule keeps Wayward will serve its first kale tofu scrambles crispy fried "chiggen" sandwiches by the end of the year.