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Mod Bringing "Made on Demand" Pizza to New Ballard Flagship

Pizza in the old Ivar's space by the end of the year.

Mod's Irvine, CA location
Mod's Irvine, CA location

Wait, doesn't Ballard already have a Mod? No, but it's about to. The Seattle-based fast casual pizza chain with locations across Washington, Oregon, California, and more states is moving into the old Ivar's space. If permitting and construction stay on track, Mod Ballard will open in December.

The new store on 15th Ave. will feature a "huge" 800 degree oven, outdoor seating, and beer on tap. According to Mod co-founder and CEO Scott Svenson, the location will be one of the company's flagship stores, "where families and friends can come together in a super friendly, inspired environment."

The Ballard Mod is the 17th store in Washington, and the 35th company-wide location. Mod snagged $15M in funding last May; stores are opening soon in Texas, with future outposts on the horizon in Idaho and North Carolina.

Mod Ballard, 60o0 15th Ave. NW, website