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Starbucks Baristas Not Allowed to Wear Engagement Rings to Work

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Wedding bands are ok, okay?

A new Starbucks dress code implemented for baristas and retail employees earlier in October gives the green light to visible tattoos and nose studs—but restricts wearing some jewelry, including engagement ringsKOMO reports that due to food safety rules the Seattle-based coffee giant prohibits watches, bracelets, and engagement rings with stones. One employee told KOMO, "It's awesome they now allow you to wear tattoos, but it seems weird to not allow anyone to wear a wedding ring. A lot of people are upset."

A spokesperson said that the new rules are in accordance with FDA food safety guidelines and that employees can wear wedding bands. Employees are signing a petition and voicing frustration over social media. One tweet reads, "Visible tattoos are ok but a symbol of commitment to my husband isn't?"

"Simple jewelry" is permitted, including two or less small earrings per ear and necklaces worn underneath clothes.