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Chick-fil-A Is Returning to Washington State

New outposts will open in 2015 in at least three cities surrounding Seattle.


While no plans have been revealed for locations in Seattle proper, Chick-fil-A is opening outposts in Bellevue, Lynnwood, and Tacoma, most likely in spring of 2015, reports The Seattle Times. A Covington, WA location may also be in the cards.

The Tacoma and Lynnwood locations will seat 124 inside. The Bellevue Chick-fil-A will seat 48 inside and almost the same amount on a patio; all three will have drive-thrus. The planned restaurants are the first in the state since a Bellingham branch at Western Washington University shuttered in mid-2011.

The fast food restaurant navigated its way through a media shitstorm in 2012 after its COO answered, "Well, guilty as charged," when asked if his company held a position against marriage equality. Chick-fil-A continues to enter new U.S. markets, with one analysis group predicting that it could expand more quickly than McDonald's in the next ten years.