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Coyle's Bakeshop Kickstarter Launched Today

Rachael Coyle sets her sights on a brick-and-mortar shop.

Rachael Coyle is seeking $25,000 to give her wildly successful pop-up bakery a permanent home in Greenwood. She launched a Kickstarter campaign to that end this morning.

Coyle's adventures in pop-up baking began in May of 2013 and grew so popular it expanded from a monthly to a weekly event. If all goes according to plan, her legions of fans will be visiting Coyle at a 1200-square-foot space she's leased in Greenwood. Loans have helped her get this far, but Coyle still has to outfit the space's kitchen and dining room. From her Kickstarter page:

The funds we raise through Kickstarter are vitally important to me and to the success of the business. Not only do they provide necessary capital, they help lighten the business’s debt and demonstrate how much you—the Bakeshop’s wonderful customers and community—believe in this business. This project has been embraced by the the community since day one and I want you to be a part of it.

Coyle's project will only be funded if she raises at least $25,000 by November 6, though she's off to a great start. Three hours into the campaign, she'd already secured just over $7,000.