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The Pumpkin Beer Problem

Fodder for the pumpkin spice haters.


Over at Seattle Weekly, Zach Geballe says there's a pumpkin spice problem in the beer aisle. His two reasons: 1. Autumn used to be when drinkable brown ales and Oktoberfests got the spotlight. Now, he says, they've been pushed aside by pumpkin beers, which are liquid desserts, "so loaded with sugar that you can't possibly drink more than one, even if you do happen to be one of the unfortunates who like the flavor." 2. Pumpkin beer isn't actually the flavor of pumpkin, but the flavor of clove, cinnamon, and other pumpkin pie spice. Geballe says that drinking the flavors make pumpkin pie, the "great staple of autumnal joy," less special and that pumpkin beer is essentially, "cheapening that distinct association of a set of flavors with a particular time and holiday."

Think pumpkin beer sucks? Drink it every single day? Hit up the comments or take it to the forum.