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Seattle's Strictest Eateries; Pumpkin Mole Tacos at Marination

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Today's dose of vital food news.

ARBITRARY LISTICLES -- Urbanspoon has put out a list of the country's 35 "strictest" restaurants, defined as "eateries where chefs pride themselves on the particulars of their menu and do not allow customers to request changes or substitutions, order off menu or, in some cases, choose which condiments they want with their meal." Two Seattle spots made the list: Cafe Presse and Cafe on the Ave. Jackson's Pizza in Enumclaw is there, too. [EaterWire]

FREEBIES -- On Halloween, all Marination locations will be giving away one free pumpkin mole taco with every order. There may be extras for anyone who comes dressed as a musubi ninja. [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL -- The Bait Shop is hosting a "bacchanalian blowout of epic proportions" for this Sunday's Seahawks-Cowboys game. Bait Shop will open at 1 p.m. Expect tons of fries, lots of Rainier, and football on the big screen. [EaterWire]