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The Lost Lake and Comet Guys Snatch Up Grim's

They're back.

Meinert, Burgess, and Lajeunesse outside the Lost Lake.
Meinert, Burgess, and Lajeunesse outside the Lost Lake.
Renara Steiner

If you eat, drink, or watch bands play in Capitol Hill, odds are you've been to one of David Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse's projects. Repeatedly. Today comes word that the business partners behind Neumos, The Comet, Big Mario's, and The Lost Lake (along with Comet/Lost Lake GM Joey Burgess) are acquiring Grim's, including its upstairs venue The Woods and Butterfly Lounge from Laura Olson (Po Dogs, Auto Battery, Anchors Down.) According to an announcement, Olson is restructures business holdings and approached the group about the acquisition. The sale becomes an official thing December 3.

Also, the trio are making their partnership a formal deal by launching Guild Seattle, a group that will operate Grim's, Lost Lake, The Comet, and Belltown's 5 Point. When Eater asked why the partners are so into opening projects on Capitol Hill in a feature earlier this year, Meinert chimed in:

I have a lot of theories about urban development, and Capitol Hill is kind of everything. Right now, you could literally be born, grow up, and live, and retire, and die in this neighborhood. You could be born at Virginia Mason, you could go to preschool, elementary school, high school, college, including graduate programs, and then live and work on the Hill, retire at the retirement home, and then go to Bonney Watson when you die. And you can literally never leave this neighborhood. And you can walk everywhere, walk to the grocery stores, walk to concerts, there's music festivals... It's kind of, as far as all that, it's kind of the perfect neighborhood.

Grim's Provisions and Spirits

1512 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 324-7467 Visit Website

Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge

1505 10th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 323-5678 Visit Website