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Capitol Hill's Newest Pop-Up

Pixie sells raw and (mostly) vegan baked treats.

Pixie Pop-Up [Facebook]

There's a new pop-up in town: Pixie Pop-Up sells baked treats in front of People's Kombucha on Capitol Hill's 12th Avenue. According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the business is run by Meghan Kroh, who previously owned a wholesale baking business called Pixie. Kroh got burned out and shut the business down, but now she's back with the pop-up.

Kroh uses lots of organic ingredients, and all of her treats are "raw," meaning they haven't been cooked over 118 degrees. Vegans will find lots of options, and Kroh forgoes the use of GMOs and refined sugar. "There will be options for vegans, paleos, folks watching their gluten, and pretty much everyone else," reports CHS. "Even dogs will have biscuits available." Kroh runs Pixie Pop-Up from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.