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Coyle's Bakeshop On Track for Early 2015 Opening

You can almost smell the plum cardamom streusel.

Coyle's Bakeshop/Kickstarter Screen Grab

Proof that people want to eat Rachel Coyle's baked goods on a daily basis: Her upcoming brick-and-mortar Coyle's Bakeshop killed it in a recent Kickstarter campaign, raising almost $8K more than its $25K goal. After test driving the concept at Book Larder on Saturdays (people sort of liked it,) Coyle announced plans to open a 1,200-square-foot bakery on 83rd and Greenwood Ave.

Coyle says construction will be underway in the coming weeks and that she'll soon be ready to share menu and design details. Coyle's Bakeshop is planning to launch in the first part of 2015.