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Seattle May Soon Have Its Second Cat Cafe

Because you can never have too many cat cafes.

Cat Town Cafe in Oakland
Cat Town Cafe in Oakland
Patricia Chang

Eater wrote recently that a venture called Seattle Meowtropolitan is aiming to become the city's first cat cafe. They may have some competition soon.

Seattle Met reported that Seattle Kitty Kafe is taking shape, with its sights set on opening in the University District in September. Both cafes will play off a trend in Asia involving coffee shops filled with free-roaming cats so you can get your feline fix with your coffee.

Seattle Kitty Kafe may also try the crowd-funding route, starting in the spring. According to the Seattle Met article, the cafe's owners plan to serve B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle tea and Caffe Vita coffee. In addition to paying for drinks, you'll also pay for the time you spend inside: $6 gets you 30 minutes of cats and $35 buys you a spot all day long. Kitty Kafe hopes to kick things off with a pop-up in March.