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Rachel's Ginger Beer Opening a Capitol Hill Location—With a Twist

The new location will serve copious amounts of frites. And cheese curds.

RGB's Pike Place Market location.
RGB's Pike Place Market location.
Suzi Pratt

Get out your growlers, Capitol Hill: Rachel Marshall announced this morning that Rachel's Ginger Beer will be opening in the new 12th Ave Arts complex, the $47 million building which also holds 88 apartments and two theater spaces. As opposed to the more grab-n-go Pike Place Market flagship, the new spot will function more like a bar, with plenty of room to sit and lounge.

Marshall tells Eater that it will be primarily 21+, as it "makes sense in that neighborhood," but that there will be an area for ginger-loving tykes as well. In addition to their growlers of seasonal and classic ginger beer flavors, they'll offer carbonated draft cocktails-as they do downtown and at her two other co-owned (with Kate Opatz) ventures, Montana and Nacho Borracho. The vodka for their rightfully famous Moscow Mules is made by Cap Hill's Oola in a special blend called "Aloo."

They're still in the planning stages of their menu, but as Marshall told Seattle Met, the food focus will be on crispy fries from Monica Dimas (of Mkt.) with a ton of different dipping sauces. They're still planning the flavors, and none of them are solid enough to disclose, but one item definitely on offer for the dipping types: soft serve.

"Snoqualmie Gourmet is awesome. We use them at PPM too. We'll be doling out soft serve as a side to dip fries in, because obviously," the bar kingpin discloses. Another use for that partnership? Floats— any flavor of RGB with their local ice cream.

In terms of the build out, Marshall and partner Adam Peters are planning "a good-sized patio," with lots of greenery inside and out. But if you want to enjoy her ginger beer even more al fresco, Ms. Marshall may have mentioned that there's a liquor store across the street. Why not grab some vodka and turn your growler into Moscow Mules at a nearby park?