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Thanksgiving Dinners in Seattle Among Country's Most Pricey

Sigh. But at least you don't live in Hawaii.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Seattleites feel this truth acutely: our cost of living is high. That cost of living includes money spent on groceries, and according to NerdWallet, Seattleites spend more on their Thanksgiving dinners than most other places in the United States.

NerdWallet says a Thanksgiving meal for ten people in Seattle costs $57.37, putting us at #17 on the list of "Most expensive places for a Thanksgiving dinner." That's also well above the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal as calculated by
the American Farm Bureau Federation, which this year says an average American 10-person Thanksgiving meal costs $49.41.

You can console yourself with the fact that if you lived in Hilo, Hawaii, your Butterball and all the fixings would set you back $79.11. So there's that.

If you lived in Waco, Texas, you'd have the cheapest Thanksgiving in the country, spending only $39.82. But then you'd live in Waco, Texas.

Here's a list of the top 20 most expensive places in the U.S. to buy a Thanksgiving dinner this year:

And the cheapest: