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T-Doug Opens Cantina Leña This Weekend

Plus, Douglas teams up with Alaska Airlines to create an in-flight entree.

Cantina Lena/Facebook

Tom Douglas recently told Eater he's trying to open a "Seattle Mexican restaurant," not a Rick Bayless-style concept. On Saturday, you can see if he nailed it when Cantina Leña (translation: firewood) opens in the Martin Apartments on Fifth and Lenora.

The menu stars wood-fired meats and banana leaf-wrapped pork cooked in a 10-foot-long pit. Housemade tortillas use masa that's been ground from a special piece of equipment made from volcanic stone. And there's going to be all manner of tropical drinks to fend off the long winter, including melon seed horchata and homemade aqua fresca.

douglas alaksa

While we're on the topic, remember the mystery chef making an appearance at Sea-Tac? Surprise! Today Alaska Airlines confirmed that it's partnering with Douglas to offer "a savory winter entrée" designed by the chef for any passengers traveling on flights that are at least 2.5 hours. First on the menu? Cascade Brisket Chili.