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Here's the Menu at Bannister, Now Open in the Central District

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Oysters, little bites, and boards.


Brian Wells and crew cut the ribbon at Bannister Tuesday evening. Wells is opening his first restaurant--a new wine, oyster, and charcuterie spot, to be more precise--in the former Magpie kid boutique space that shares a wall with his Tougo Coffee.

He told Eater about more about the concept last month:

The name Bannister comes from Edward Mitchell Bannister who was a black artist from Nova Scotia. He migrated to Boston (where I'm originally from) and started a couple of art collectives on the eastern seaboard in the late 1800's. I've always admired his work and I wanted to bring some African history to this neighborhood which is changing due to gentrification.

Prep for dinner with the opening night menu:

menu bannister

Bannister, 1408 18th Ave., Central District, website, TU-SA 4-10 p.m. Closed M