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Seattle's Essential Hotels, Bike Theft Hotspots

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

DOWNTOWN -- Originally, plans for the Rainier Square redevelopment called for a 50-story tower. Forget that. New plans call for a 58-story tower consisting of 790K sq. ft. of office space, approximately 180 apartment, a 150-room hotel and 30K sq. ft. of restaurant and retail space at the base. If completed, as planned by 2019, it would be the second-tallest building in Seattle.

HOTELS 18 -- "Where should I stay in Seattle?" It's the eternal question that friends and family ask when they're coming to visit you. Rather than waste an afternoon on Google, just send them to our recently-updated map of the 18 Essential Seattle Hotels. You're welcome.

BIKE THEFT -- HotPads recently compiled a map of bike theft hotspots in cities across America. Looking at Seattle, certain area make a lot of sense, like Downtown, Capitol Hill and U-District. But what's going on in Wallingford? Specifically 44th & Stone Way, which appears to be the hottest of bike theft hot spots around town. Check out the map right over here.