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Turophiles Rejoice: Calf and Kid Sibling Culture Club Is Opening in Capitol Hill

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Sheri LaVigne's full-service cheese bar is finally happening.

Jordan Cole/Flickr

Get your cheese pants on, Capitol Hill, because Sheri LaVigne has found her cheese a home in your hood. Over a year since her Kickstarter was successfully funded, the Calf & Kid owner announced today on her personal Facebook page that she'll be opening Culture Club at 1806 12th Ave. at Footprint Cal Park.

If you like a little brew with your fromage, you're in good company, as the cheese bar will be planted squarely next to new arrival Outer Planet Craft Brewing, just a couple blocks from Cal Anderson Park.The ink has yet to dry on all the paperwork, but she's excited to share more details as soon as it does.