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Ethan Stowell's Childhood Home, New Hotel Tower 1st Look

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

ETHAN STOWELL -- Wish you could have learned to cook like Ethan Stowell? Now you literally can as the North Capitol Hill home he grew up in is on the market for $950K. His parents, Pacific Northwest Ballet artistic directors Kent Stowell and Francia Russell, bought the home in 1978 for $99,500. It's become quite the investment, especially when you consider what that kitchen means to Seattle's restaurant scene.

DENNY TRIANGLE -- When Stanford Hotels paid $16.75M for a parking lot at 1903 Fifth Ave. in 2013, you just knew something big was coming. It's finally time to get a look at plans for that big thing, a.k.a. a 50+ story hotel/residential/retail tower that, if completed, would become at least the 13th-tallest structure in Seattle. Curbed has the early renderings this-a-way.

CURBED MAPS -- Curbed has updated their map of Seattle's most expensive homes currently on the market. Topping the list, a 6,820 square-foot Queen Anne mansion on a gated 19K sq. ft. lot. Also includes a Fifty Shades of Grey penthouse and Bob Hope's Seattle spot.

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