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Felines One Paw Closer to Climbing Their Own Castle Tower at Seattle's First Cat Cafe

Seattle Meowtropolitan is just over one-fifth of the way to its crowdfunding goal.

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Rendering/Seattle Meowtropolitan

With 17 days to go, what could be the city's first cat cafe is just over one-fifth funded on Indiegogo. Seattle Meowtropolitan will take home whatever contributions it raises, regardless of whether or not its crowdsourcing campaign meets the $50K mark by January 3. But owners claim it will open—and open faster—with full funding.

If you're wondering, Meowtropolitan's coffee bar and kitchen are separate from its cat roaming room. Early sketches of the space, which may be downtown or in Capitol Hill, include a central castle-like cat climbing tower to better view cats that may be up for adoption. Cafe cats will be on rotation so they're not overtired, and a no-humans-allowed rest area is planned in case the felines need a break from all that interaction.

meowtropolitan rendering 2

Rendering/Seattle Meowtropolitan

In related news, NYC's first cat cafe opened earlier this week, and Eater has photos to document the occasion.

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