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What Your Server Should Never Tell You

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Says Seattle Met's restaurant critic.


Today, Seattle Met restaurant critic Kathryn Robinson revealed half a dozen things she was told by wait staff in 2014 that were "just flat-out ill-advised."

A few standouts:

Liam's: A waiter at the U-Village restaurant delivered a cringe-worthy "I'm sorry this salad is wilted" without swapping it out for one sans droopy greens.

Quality Athletics: At the sports bar in Pioneer Square, a server declared, "We will never have a burger on our menu." A burger appeared on the menu less than a month after.

Vespolina: The downtown restaurant formerly known as Aragona gets two mentions on the post. One for a server that asks Robinson's table, "is everything perfect?" The question, she writes, "threw a spotlight on all the things about our meal that were considerably less-than." The second strike? A waiter says, "I don't want you to think I'm gouging you or anything" when suggesting wine that was pricier than the bottle she asked after.

Here's Robinson's full list.

Quality Athletics

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