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Molly Moon's and Full Tilt Forced to Close All Locations Due to Snoqualmie Ice Cream Recall [UPDATED]

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$25,000 worth of ice cream discarded at Molly Moon's, $19,000 at Full Tilt

A Snoqualmie Ice Cream recall has forced the temporary closure of all Molly Moon's Ice Cream and Full Tilt Ice Cream locations. PSBJ reports that the voluntary recall impacts Snoqualmie's "entire year of product after bacteria was found in its facility." No illnesses have been reported, and the ice cream itself tested negative for the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes found during a routine inspection by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

The ice cream, sorbet, and gelato company supplies grocery stores in 14 states and more than 40 retailers and restaurants in the Seattle-area.

Full Tilt owner Justin Cline tells Eater that he was notified about the recall on Sunday and discarded $19,000 worth of ice cream, since Full Tilt's milk and sugar are pasteurized by Snoqualmie. He says that number doesn't include losses from wholesale clients and retail sales. Cline says he's impressed by how Snoqualmie has gone above and beyond in ensuring safety since no bacteria was found in its product, only its production area.

Molly Moon Neitzel was forced to discard around $25,000 worth of ice cream since, like Full Tilt, the dairy and sugar used in its Scout Mint and Honey Lavender are pasteurized at the Snoqualmie facility. In total, the recall will result in a loss for Molly Moon's of about $30,000. Neitzel tells PSBJ, "It's a hard hit to our business and to the other businesses in town that make ice cream with milk and sugar from Snoqualmie."

All Molly Moon's locations will be closed for an additional 2.5 days longer than planned over the holiday and are scheduled to reopen December 26. Full Tilt also reopens the day after Christmas. The Snoqualmie facility plans to resume production after it has been sanitized, within in one to two weeks.

UPDATE: 12/23 4:15 p.m. In addition to the company's production facility, bacteria has been found in samples of Snoqualmie's Danish Vanilla Bean ice cream taken last week at the company's warehouse.

UPDATE: 12/24 3:10 p.m. Two men have reported illnesses after eating products recalled by Snoqualmie, according to Washington State officials. Via the Washington Department of Health:

State and local health disease investigators and the state Public Health Laboratories have linked two Listeria illnesses to products recently recalled by Snoqualmie Ice Cream Company. The two cases, both from King County, had serious medical conditions and became ill after eating products made by the company. Both were hospitalized and are now recovering.