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Raclette Seattle is Melting Ballard’s Heartcheese

Featuring a homemade cheese melting machine.

There's a new kid on the mean streets of Ballard, and it's melting cheese to order. You might spot Raclette Seattle wheeling its way into the hearts of the Nordic hood, with stops guaranteed outside of Miro Tea on Farmers Market Sundays, and more dates scheduled at drinking holes in the area.

The stand consists of a homemade cheese melting machine with a holder for half wheels of Raclette, mounted atop a mobile unit. For those not in the know of this hard-to-find dish, it consists traditionally of the Swiss cheese melted and scraped over bread, boiled potatoes, fruit, and nuts. The new company debuted its goodies on December 7 and has been fine-tuning their dish—cheese over potatoes served with salami and pickles—since.

Co-Owner Elizabeth Clandos tells Eater she'll be setting up shop at Ballard brewery Populuxe on two upcoming Fridays, as well as outside the newly reopened Sunset Tavern on select evenings, whence she'll be serving up a special open-faced sandwich perfect for sopping up your night's choices.

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