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Hearts Be Broken: Arabica Lounge Is Closing the Day After Valentine's

After five years, the "working piece of art" will shutter.

Inside Arabica
Inside Arabica
Arabica Lounge/Facebook

Olive Way's Arabica Lounge will close its doors on February 15. Owner Jojo Corväiá spead the news on Facebook. Calling the Capitol Hill coffee bar a "multi-discipline piece," the artist explains that the cafe/bakery/gallery was "conceived as a working piece of art" and a "social and cultural experiment." Corväiá writes:

It is inevitable that the intrinsic form of an artistic act that is not anchored to a specific temporal point will morph as time passes and the piece continues to exist, thus the evolution of Arabica's form does not require explanation, only documentation. The business model, existing only as needed to sustain the piece, initially focused on musical performance and beverages, and slowly changed into its current form, while still curating exhibits by outside artists and Corväiá' own photography and other visual works. Not to mention his unique and interesting food.

Read more of the owner's thoughts about the project, which "inevitably attracted Seattle's most inspiring and beautiful people," and gave Seattle "a level of intimacy nearly unknown in American culture."

After Arabica's closure, Corväiá will move to Berlin.


Credit: Arabica/Facebook

Arabica Lounge

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