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Restaurant Experts Sum Up 2014 in One Word

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of local food writers, industry types, and friends. We asked the group eight questions ranging from Top Newcomers to Restaurant Standbys. Up now: The one word that sums up 2014. Readers, please feel free to add your thoughts to the comments.

Put an egg on it.
Put an egg on it.
Katherine Lim/Flickr

EOY SmallQ: Describe 2014 in one word.

Julien Perry, co-founder, One Night Only Project

The dining scene? "Overwhelming"*

*See also "Dizzying"

Nicole Sprinkle, food editor, Seattle Weekly


Jonathan Zwickel, senior editor, City Arts

Artisanal. A one-word summation of the local-seasonal-sustainable trifecta that drove the last few years of Seattle dining.

Allison Scheff, food & dining editor, Seattle Magazine

In one word, Ambitious. We're seeing established chefs push themselves—I can't wait to have my first meal at the new Lark, and to try the pastries from Sara Naftaly (of the late-great Le Gourmand). Chefs continue to push to do more in-house, like churning their own butter and bread, preserving and making charcuterie. It's exciting and it feels like we're still on the up-swing.

Leslie Kelly, editor, Zagat Seattle; project manager, Tastemade Seattle

Octopus! I ate a ton of it this year. We're incredibly lucky to live in a city where so many talented chefs do an amazing job with this challenging ingredient. Seems like it was on so many menus this year.

Jameson Fink, wine blogger, Wine Without Worry podcast host


Surly Gourmand, food writer

Toast, unfortunately. I know that's two words but fuck it.

Allecia Vermillion, food & drink editor, Seattle Met

Reinvention. (Book Bindery, Aragona, La Bete, Paseo, hell even Katsu Burger…)

Bethany Jean Clement, food writer, The Seattle Times


Nancy Leson, food writer, KPLU food commentator

Uh, Korea?