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You Have Two Nights Left to Eat at Queen Anne's Chinoise Cafe

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Ikiiki Sushi is opening in the Boston St. space.

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Chinoise Cafe on Upper Queen Anne is closing on New Year's Eve after almost two decades. Ikiiki Sushi is opening in the Boston St. space; Queen Anne View reports that Ikiiki has applied to take over Chinoise's liquor license beginning tomorrow.

Thoa Nguyen opened Chinoise in 1996 and expanded the sushi restaurant to three outposts over the next four years. She launched The Islander at Pike Place Market in 2003 and opened both Thoa's Lounge and Columbia City's Wabi-Sabi in 2009. Chinoise's Issaquah location and Wabi-Sabi remain open.

Chinoise Cafe

12 Boston St., Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 284-6671 Visit Website