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Check Out the Menu at Manolin, Opening Tonight on Stone Way

Will it be rockfish ceviche, fall vegetable slaw, or octopus?

Suzi Pratt

You know the story by now: A former Walrus and the Carpenter general manager (Joe Sundberg) and Whale Wins alum (Rachel Johnson) decide to open a new restaurant. With Renee Erickson's heaping blessing they settle on a location down the road from Whale on Stone Way, spend several months on the buildout, dial in the menu, and call it Manolin after a character in The Old Man and the Sea.

The new, seafood-centric project makes its grand entrance tonight. Check out photos of the dining room and bar, and scroll down to preview the menu. Sundberg says he's made a few last-minute changes, but it's close to what you'll see if you head over for dinner between 4 and 10 p.m.

Manolin, 3621 Stone Way N, Wallingford, (206) 294-3331, Facebook, Dinner from 4-10 p.m.

manolin menu