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Paseo Possibly Not Dead, Probably Not the Same

You'll probably want to hold off on any "yes!" tweets.

The days were golden.
The days were golden.

Paseo's name and assets—but not the beloved Cuban restaurant's recipes—were purchased at an auction for $91,000 on Friday afternoon, reports PSBJ. The restaurant's owner Lorenzo Lorenzo filed an objection to the sale if it included what he considers his personal recipes. While it's not officially official until a judge green lights the sale this Friday, the winning bidder has been identified "by two lawyers for other parties in the case" as Ryan Santwire, an IT consultant and RockCreek investor who serves on the Pike Place Market Foundation.

In case you need a refresher, Paseo filed for bankruptcy and suddenly shuttered its Fremont and Ballard locations last month, sending half of Seattle to tweet "NOOOOO" in mourning. A Kickstarter campaign to resurrect the restaurant gained momentum early on, then fell flat.

Employee wage claims will be paid if the sale is finalized this Friday.

Paseo Caribbean Restaurant

4225 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103