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Giant Jenga at Happy Hour; Dumb Starbucks?

[Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images]

BLACK FRIDAY— Head in to Lunchbox Laboratory through Valentine's Day and receive a $10 voucher good for your next visit. Who needs love when you have burgers? [EaterWire]

'BUCKSWIRE— All caught up on the whole Dumb Starbucks thing? First a mysterious coffeeshop called Dumb Starbucks opened, selling Dumb Norah Jones CDs, dumb lattes (for free), and more. Then there were hour-long waits to check it out. Then the real Starbucks said the Dumb Starbucks was not allowed to use its name. Then it was revealed that the whole thing was a Comedy Central prank, and, finally, it was shut down by the health department. Yikes. [-EN-]

HAPPY HOUR— There will in fact be a giant Jenga competition at the Seattle Center Best Damn Happy Hour on Thursday, February 20. Scope all the details here. [EaterWire]

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